Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car 30200 - Review

It's kind of funny that the only two Monster Fighters sets I own are the smallest ones available. I already reviewed the Ghost polybag that's sold at Target (if you can still find them on the shelves), and now I want to take a closer look at the Coffin Car.

I managed to find them on the Toys R Us website during the brief period it was available online. Thankfully, I also found a Christmas present on sale to help get to the free shipping threshold. My local TRU is a bit of a drive for fishing expeditions on the exclusive poly sets, so I'm very happy when I can get my hands on them online. Even if the TRU price is $4.99 on a pretty small set.

What's in the bag?

You get a glorious 32 pieces. Most of them are black. The coffin is all one piece and is large enough to lay a minifigure flat inside. You get a black vehicle grill, some flames, and of course the zombie chauffeur figure that shows up in about half of the Monster Fighters line. He's a pretty good figure and you can't really complain about getting a zombie in a set this small.

Extra pieces consist of a single black cheese slope and trans red 1x1 round plate.
Small and simple, plus a zombie.
How is the build?
It's about what you would expect from a 32 piece set. The instructions have all of about eight steps and I probably spent more time sorting out the pieces for a picture than I did actually putting the set together. It's a pretty straight forward design and most of the build is done with the set turned upside down. It's far from impressive, but this set is honestly better advertised as "Here's a ZOMBIE! (and some bricks)"

Final thoughts
It's worth picking up if you can find it for retail or you want a complete MF collection. If you have other MF sets, you should have at least a copy of this zombie already. I would probably only seek this out if you badly wanted a zombie and don't feel like buying one of the more expensive sets from the Monster Fighters theme.
I break for brains!
I added a couple of extra copies to my BrickLink store and the other is earmarked for my nephew's birthday the weekend before Halloween. This little guy is going to hang out in the living room until the end of the month, before he gets buried until the next holiday season...or until I get around to doing a zombie apocalypse scene.

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