Thursday, October 11, 2012

LEGO Super Heroes 2013 - Tumbler Chase and Daily Bugle Showdown

Forum user Legobrandon has posted images of two new sets from the 2013 Super Heroes line over at toysnbricks. We are finally getting a first look at the modern version of the Tumbler (in Dark Knight Rises tan) and the Bat set, along with the Daily Bugle playset for Spider-man.

Let's start with #76001 - The Bat vs. Bane - Tumbler Chase. It's a 368 piece set with an MSRP of $39.99. It includes movie version minifigures of Batman, Bane, and Commissioner Gordon.

My first reaction is "awwww, look at the baby tumbler." Seriously. That thing is tiny. For some perspective, I'm fairly certain the rear wheels on that are smaller than what was used as the front wheels on the original version. Here's the original Tumbler for comparison.

The Bat looks good, but notice all of the blue used for detailing on the ship. I know there's a desire to avoid making the ship solid black. If you need to use colors though, I would consider going with Dark Bley over straight blue. This puppy might need some modifications to keep my happy.

Problems aside, I don't think I'll have any reservations about picking this one up. I'm not going to rush out and grab a copy though.

Next up, we have #76005 - Spider-Man Daily Bugle Showdown. It's 476 pieces with an MSRP of $49.99 and includes a whopping five minifigures. They are Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Jonah Jameson, Nova, and Beetle.

I think the building on this one is pretty solid, due to the height. That should add some playability and will actually give you something to let Spidey swing off of. The little jet for Doc Doom looks pretty basic and not too inspired, but the building more than makes up for it. So many great parts in here. I see a black lamppost, tons of doors, and what are hopefully printed window pieces. Also, several dark tan 1x2 bricks with the masonry pattern.

The minifigures are also top notch. I don't have much memory of Beetle from my comic reading days, but the rest all made common appearances in the books I did read and I'm looking forward to having them.

I'll be watching for more Super Heroes news over the weekend from NYCC. Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of the set that includes Venom.

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