Thursday, October 11, 2012

First look at new LEGO TMNT sets and figures!

Pictures are starting to show up all over the place of the new line of LEGO sets based on the latest version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show. With New York Comic Con coming up this weekend, I think most people expected this was going to happen soon.
Lets start with the first (and only) set that seems to be making the rounds. It contains the Shellraiser (the modern equivalent of the Party Wagon) and what appears to be a delivery fan of some sort. I'll avoid passing judgment until I see them in person, but both vehicles look pretty basic and not very exciting. I'll assume the Shellraiser has some internal play features behind those sliding doors on the side. Also, note that the tip of the roof canon appears to be a red garbage can. Based on size, I'd probably put this set in the $50 range.

Product shots show the set coming with five figures. Leonardo, Michelangelo, a Foot soldier, Krang, and some sort of wolf dude. The turtle minifigs look shockingly good. The shell piece appears to fit like a backpack and the heads are not that out of proportion. I can't wait to see these little guys in person.

From Bricks to Bothans has posted a long list of images in its flickr stream, including shots of the partially revealed Krang and Dark Turtle figures that will be exclusives at NYCC.

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