Saturday, September 8, 2012

Monster Fighters Ghost 30201 - Review

I stopped by Target on Friday to see if I could get lucky with the new Monster Fighters polybag and was happy to find an end cap fully stocked. Street date on this is supposed to be September 9th, but I guess they pushed up the Halloween reset a little early at this store.

Polybags are really growing on me as nice little single shot sets that are fun to collect and satisfy that urge to just build something. This set is a perfect example of what they have to offer. It's also a good Halloween decoration that I can leave out for the next two months without it being very obvious.

For parts, most of what you're getting here is reddish brown. You get a nice selection of plates, a few bricks, and some tiles and cheese slopes. You also get the new ghost, which is a great little figure. The ball and chain attaches to the brick at the bottom of his "feet" and is a nice extra touch.

I can remember when LEGO first introduced the ghost back in the castle era. The figured showed up in a few sets and was probably one of the coolest parts of that era. The glow in the dark aspect was something I had never seen in LEGO sets before and it still entertains me today. This ghost is pretty much the same, except there's a bit of a point on the back of the head. It's still a great figure. I have three sets that came with the old ghost, and I might have to pull them out so this one is not lonely.

The clock comes together quickly and the finished product is a great looking piece of furniture. Post-holiday, I think I will be moving it into the interior of one of the modular buildings. If it fits, I think it would look nice in the living room of the townhouse half of the Pet Shop.

This set should already be showing up at Target stores across the US. Retail at my location was $3.99. Check the end caps in the holiday section of the store.

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