Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sometimes you just get lucky

After months of watching craigslist like a hawk, and quite a few near misses on some good deals, I finally scored one of those finds that just makes you happy. I was a little shocked the other morning while doing my almost daily check to see a posting that had both Market Street and Cafe Corner listed, with instructions, for well under market price. Even better, when I emailed the seller, both were still available.

I opted to just pursue the Market Street since it was cheaper and I don't already have a copy. Granted, a CC without substitutions and instructions would be nice, but he still wanted around $500 for that set and I can't justify the expense for something I already have a version of that I'm quite happy with. Selling off my sourced copy might be hard because most of the rarest parts are substituted. The MS was not cheap either, but it was far less expensive than it would cost on ebay or Bricklink.

A meeting was set and I picked it up that night. It's gloriously complete and the instructions look great with just some minor wear and a small tear on the spine. I think the wife was a little scared with how positively giddy I was about the entire transaction. The seller was a college kid entering his dark ages and in need of some quick cash for expenses. Hopefully he will not regret it later on, but I remember being that age and LEGO was the last thing on my mind.

Now the question is what to do with this find. I have to admit I had written off Market Street. The set always just looked like only half a modular and I just don't find the design as appealing as the other buildings. Granted, part of my avoidance was the massive price the set usually pulls in the secondary market. That feeling has changed a little now that I have a copy, but I have to wonder if I might be happier with the Green Grocer I'm still missing. Anyone out there who has both care to chime in?

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