Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting in the Halloween spirit

Picking up the ghost and clock polybag set a few weeks ago got my holiday creative juices flowing. I just felt the little guy looked so lonely standing out in the open with nothing but a clock to keep him company. If I had my way, I would be adding the Haunted House to my collection this fall. I don't expect that to happen very soon though. The set is just a little too expensive and I would rather wait for some sort of a sale when it eventually hits Amazon down the road.

Thankfully, messing around on LEGO Digital Designer and some inventory surfing on Bricklink gave me a few fun ideas for a little scene featuring the clock and ghost.

This is my first attempt at an MOC with a little bit of finish on it in quite some time. The focus is on the interior and I didn't really do much with the back side, other than perching the Series 8 Man-Bat outside of the window.

The chair was a lot of fun to design as well. I have not really done furniture before and I think it turned out very well. I made heavy use of some of the build techniques I've picked up from the modulars, especially when it came to putting the walls together. Getting the tiles spaced right was also a bit of a challenge, but I think the finished floor looks pretty good. I did add in a few 1x1 and 1x2 plates here and there to keep stuff from shifting around. The only parts floating loose are my scared minifig and ghost's ball and chain.

We have a wonderful display case in the wall of our living room, so LEGO is making its official first encroachment out of my work room. The best part is that there's a sliding glass panel over it, which should help to keep little hands from tearing apart my work. This was so much fun, I'm thinking I might have to make building a holiday scene a tradition.

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