Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super Heroes polybags on the way

The good folks over at Brickset noticed this morning that three new polybags are on the way for the Super Heroes line. A set with Thor, one with Hawkeye, and a mini-build of the Quinjet. Hawkeye and the mini-jet are not a huge deal for me, but I'm so glad to see Thor will be available in a set that does not cost $50+ to pick up. Images are a bit grainy right now and I can't tell if he's the same version as the fig in higher price point sets, but it's still great news for collectors!

Availability seems to be unknown at this point, but I imagine we should not have to wait too long due to the Avengers movie coming out this Friday in the US. If any of these are overseas only, I at least have a stash of Batman jetski polys tucked away for possible trades.

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