Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862 - Review

The other night, I actually had some free time. So I decided I would treat myself to something out of my stash of sets from the recent LEGO store binge. It was late, so I was not in the mood to start on one of the modulars. I wanted to BUILD, which means small set time!

I went with set 6862, Superman Vs. Power Armor Lex. I have to admit this is one of the sets that kind of attracted me back out of my dark ages. Superman was a big hero of mine growing up. I'm pretty sure I wore a Halloween costume my mom made for about three years straight. For one of those years, getting me to take the cape off was pretty much impossible.

Despite my love for the set, I had not built it yet. I quickly fell into bigger and more detailed builds once I started buying. I think that's largely because I figured small builds would be too boring.  After finally getting to this one, I can admit I'm sorry I waited.

This set is a ton of fun to build and has many great features. You basically go foot-leg-hips-foot-leg-torso-arm-arm-gun. Not the most complex build, but the finished product is pretty impressive and has decent articulation on the limbs.

The OG Lex Luthor.
The colors on the suit are great. The purple and green brought me back to the days of my old Super Powers Lex Luthor action figure. That Lex and Superman tangled many times in the backyard, on car trips, and even in the bathtub. It's pretty clear that's what LEGO was going for with this mech incarnation. Of course, they are releasing a minifig version of this classic suit...but it's an exclusive to EB Games for ordering Lego Batman 2. I have to admit I'm loving these Super Hero figures so much that I'm seriously considering buying the game and then flipping it to keep the fig. Or...I could just play it. Last LEGO game I played was the complete Star Wars saga. It was fun, but got repetitive very quickly.

As for the minifigures, you get Lex, Superman, and Wonder Woman. All of them look great and have detailed printing on the torsos. The hair pieces are cool and WW's golden lasso does a good job of looking like it's ready to squeeze the truth out of someone. I'm glad they didn't just reuse the green vine mold and make it gold. These three alone probably sell the set for many people...and honestly do sell combined for more than retail on ebay right now. Crazy times.

Bottom line: This is a great little set with a RRP of $19.99 in the US. If you can find it cheaper, I say pick up a couple of them. It's fun to build and looks great. It's also fun to pose some nice little battle scenes on top of the book shelf. The current pose has Supes in the clutches of Lex's suit. I feel that's a bit more realistic, given the fact that the suit is powered by Kryptonite. I imagine Wonder Woman would be the one coming to the rescue here.

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