Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to the Future LEGO hits 10k votes!

It looks like another LEGO project on CUUSOO has hit the 10,000 vote mark, earning itself a spot in the review process for a potential set. This time, it's a Back to the Future themed DeLorean, including figs of Marty and Doc.

Now the project enters the review stage to see if a set is possible to produce.Of course, this does not guarantee something is going to be made. The recent rejection of the Shaun of the Dead Winchester was a wake-up call for many fans that the 10k threshold is no guarantee of a project actually moving forward to production.

That said, BTTF and SOTD are two vastly different movie properties. BTTF is much more kid friendly and could easily be the type of one-shot set CUUSOO was made for. Success at this point will largely depend on who owns the merchandising rights to the movie franchise and if they're open to granting a license to produce a set.

Personally, I'm excited about the chance of this set being released. I was a huge fan of these movies growing up and recently re-watched them within the past year or so. I will certainly be ordering at least a couple copies of this if/when it becomes available.

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