Friday, April 27, 2012

Monster Fighters mini-site up has launched the theme page for the upcoming Monster Fighters line. No product shots on the main site yet, but those are readily available all over the place from toy shows earlier this year. Box arts have also started circulating in the last few days, along with expected retail prices and piece counts.

All that's really up is a video clip with the back story of the line and some mini-games. Give it a watch. They have certainly come up with an interesting spin on the Monster Squad concept, which I'm sure will sell well closer to Halloween.

Actually, the back story on Monster Fighters reminds me quite a bit of that movie. You have an ancient vampire searching for an item of power that will allow him to take over the world. Several classic movie monsters are involved in the quest and a group of fighters sets out to stop him. If he wins, the world is plunged into darkness.

Dang, now I need to go find a copy of that. It's on the list of movies I watched far too many times as a kid. Although, noting comes close to matching my million+ viewings of "The Goonies."

I'm not sure how I really feel about MF yet. It has quite a few of the classic monsters and some of the scenes look cool. I get the feeling though that it's pretty much going to be one of those "one and done" themes, similar to what happened with Pharaoh's Quest. I just don't really see a lot of room for expansion after this first line of sets runs its course. That said, I can see myself grabbing at least a few favorites from the line while it's out.

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