Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Fourth be with you!

I admit it. I'm weak. I could not resist the sirens call of a shiny TC-14. Especially after it became widely known that the $75 limit did not require you to buy Star Wars sets to get the fig. As with most of my shopping on LEGO's site, I stuck with exclusives. The Dynamic Duo Fun House is FINALLY back in stock, so I combined that with a Y-Wing to get over the threshold for the TC-14, the R2 poster, and I guess a TIE Fighter mini that comes with the poster. With the free shipping and some VIP points claimed, I think I'm getting off pretty easy.

If you have not heard about the "May the Fourth" and "Revenge of the Fifth" promotions, head on over to between now and Saturday. They have 10% off on a handful of sets, along with 20% off on the Imperial Shuttle and Super Star Destroyer UCS sets. Free shipping and the TC-14 fig with orders over $75. Considering the chrome fig will probably sell in the $20-25 range on the secondary market, you can probably end up getting a decent discount on a small order if you flip him.

I have to admit, I'm highly tempted to pick up an Imperial Shuttle to tuck away for either a rainy day or resale purposes down the road. The past performance of the retired UCS sets makes a compelling case to do so, especially after you factor in the $10 in VIP points you gain and the TC-14 promo. It might happen before the day is through.

UPDATE: It appears the IS went on backorder shortly after this post went up. Now they aren't even taking orders. I guess I'm a little relieved, honestly. I really don't know if I should have one of those sitting in the storage room. I have no idea where I would set it up.

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