Thursday, May 23, 2013

LEGO shows off full scale X-Wing Fighter in Times Square

To help promote the release of the Yoda Chronicles, LEGO has built a giant X-Wing that's currently on display in Times Square in New York City. This nearly 23 ton model clocks in at an overwhelming 5,335,200 bricks. It was built in the Czech Republic and then transported to the US. After its stop in NYC, the iconic Star Wars fighter will make its way to LEGO Land in California.
Gizmodo has a ton of pictures from a sneak peek at a hangar just outside of New York.

Not only is this a great way to promote LEGO's latest Star Wars movie, it's also a great reminder of the two very excellent X-Wing sets LEGO currently has out there. There's both a standard system set and of course the new UCS version that came out on May the 4th.


  1. I wonder how much a set of over 5 million bricks would cost? And I bet the instruction book would fill a library!

    1. If you go with $0.10 a part, the price tag is around $500,000. Of course, it's Star Wars, so you would have to mark up the price about 20%


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