Monday, April 29, 2013

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game pre-order bonus

The game is not due out until the end of October, but GameStop has apparently unveiled the exclusive preorder bonus content it will be offering for the LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes game. According to the current pre-order page, those who buy the game in advance will receive....a Spider-Man keychain.

Oh yeah, you'll also get a download code for some extra characters.

Color me underwhelmed, but also a little relieved. After the debacle surrounding the LEGO Lord of the Rings pre-order, I'm kind of happy that I don't need to worry about dealing with the company again. I honestly hope this is the result of the many complaints LEGO likely received after GS screwed over so many customers who pre-ordered for the Elrond minifigure.

It is worth noting that Amazon also has the game up for preorder already. If history is any guide, chances are it will be $10 below retail price as we get closer to the release date.

UPDATE: It appears the bonus might be moving to another retailer. According to the site gonintendo, Walmart locations in the US will be offering an exclusive Iron Patriot minifigure with pre-orders of the game. There's no mention of it on their site yet and they have the release date currently listed as 12/31/13, so I'll be watching for an update from them.

Fingers crossed this is legit.

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