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Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle - 76006 LEGO Review

Next up on our tour of Iron Man 3 LEGO sets, we have the Extremis Sea Port Battle. This 195 piece set has a US retail price of $19.99 and includes three minifigures, making it a fairly reasonable value for a licensed set at that price point. Of course, it also features both Iron Man and War Machine, making it even more appealing to the Super Heroes fans out there.

This is the middle-sized set in the Iron Man 3 movie line. You can read my first review of the Iron Man vs. the Mandarin set here.

What's in the box?
There are two numbered bags, along with the instructions, a mini-comic, and a small sticker sheet. Bag one is primarily black and grays, with some yellow, green, and red pieces for accents.
All of the minifigures are in the first bag. In terms of pieces, you get a lot of curves and slopes to make up the contours of the boat. Nothing really jumped out at me too much, but I'm not that big on tracking when rare pieces show up in sets, since I typically do not part mine out for other projects. According to Brickset, there's nothing unique to this set, aside from the minifigures.

How are the minifigures?
Pretty much as excellent as you would expect them to be. You get three in here. Iron Man in the Mark 42 armor, War Machine, and Aldrich Killian. I had never heard of this villain before, and that's largely because he's newer to the Marvel universe. His history is tied to a pretty specific storyline, so I'll avoid going into detail as it (and the set name) are likely a plot spoiler for the new movie.

On the front, all figures have great printing. Iron Man and War Machine are essentially from the same molds, just with different colors. Aldrich sports a nice tan blazer with dark blue shirt, along with a head that borders on the same kind of color used for glow in the dark pieces. War Machine is further set apart from Iron Man with the use of trans red pieces to replicate his repulsor effects.

The back sides of each figure are also printed, with more detail going to the armor suits and not much to the Aldrich figure's jacket.

All of the heads have front and back printing. Tony has either a smirk or an "uh-oh" face, Rhodey is either a little somber or angry, and Aldrich is either Mr. Frowny or Psycho Virus guy.

How is the build?
Bag one is used to make the base of the boat, and is a fairly straightforward build. Bag two puts on the top layers, along with the mechanism for some missiles that are fired with a pair of technic assembly levers. Bag two also has the parts for the little red buoy, which has a pressure point to make it explode. The front cover of the boat also comes off easily to provide some storage for the sticks of dynamite or any other weapons you want to toss in.

There's nothing too complex in here and I did not note making any mistakes while putting it together. If your young one can follow instructions, chances are they can get this together pretty easily on their own. The stickers are minimal and not necessary, although they do provide some extra detail to the finished product.

Final thoughts
The finished product is about what you expect...a boat. Really, I'm not a huge fan of speed boats, but I can imagine there's a lot of playability here for younger fans to have Iron Man and War Machine chase down Aldrich. The color scheme on the Mandarin vehicles is actually pretty pleasing. The dark green with yellow accents has a great look to it in brick form.

This set is truly about the minifigures in my mind, and all of them are pretty cool. I don't think you can really beat getting both Iron Man and War Machine in the same set, and anyone who is a fan of the franchise will enjoy a chance to pick them both up. This set is not a bad value at $20 and is probably a snap purchase if it ever drops to the $15 range.

I'll be finishing up this round of reviews with the Malibu Mansion Attack, which I hope to build and photograph some night this week.

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