Saturday, January 12, 2013

Possible LEGO War Machine minifigure on ebay

An auction currently up on ebay is giving us a glimpse at one of the possible new minifigures in the spring Super Heroes line. It's War Machine, another variant of the Iron Man suit and a character that's expected to play a big role in the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie that's due this summer.
I have to say this looks pretty legit, and someone over on Brickset mentioned that the seller has had copies of figures from upcoming sets up for sale before. Now, would I pay anything remotely close to this price for a minifigure that will be widely available in less than six months? Heck no. Anyone who does has to be a little crazy.
Still, he looks pretty good. It looks like Iron Man will end up being the Batman on the Marvel side of the Super Heroes line. I guess that makes sense, seeing as how the armor has many different variants available. I'm guessing a Mark I is out of the question though.

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