Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First look at Superman vs. General Zod LEGO set

Pictures of the summer wave of 2013 Super Heroes LEGO sets are starting to leak, and USA Today is giving us our first glimpse of one of the tie-ins for the Man of Steel movie due out this summer. It's a little bitty thing, featuring Superman taking on General Zod, along with some scenery and a car the two can toss around.

This set is obviously much more about the figures than the bricks. The piece count is not listed, but I don't expect this to clock in at much more than 100. Hopefully, that will put this set at around the $12-15 mark.

Little sets like this are great. I feel no guilt about snapping them up right away and I'm always happy to add another version of Superman to the collection. I was a big fan of the first set featuring him this line. While this one seems to be much more about the minifigures, I'm not really going to complain about that. Now word on a release date yet, but I imagine we will start seeing these on shelves around the time the movie hits theaters on June 14.

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