Thursday, December 27, 2012

10232 Palace Cinema revealed

Forum user Grogall has posted an image over on Brickset of the next installment in the modular buildings line, 10232 Palace Cinema. My initial reaction is just a big old "WOW" and I can't wait to pick this up.

From the picture, we can already tell quite a bit about this set. It's a two-story corner building that appears to take some inspiration from the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre located in Hollywood, CA. There's a set of spotlights and a convertible limo, along with at least six minifigures. There also appears to be quite a few stickers, between the marquee and movie posters off to the side. Not sure how I feel about that aspect of the set.
There are no interior images out there yet. Based on the design though, I imagine the ground floor will be a lobby area and the theater will take up the space on the second and third floors. If we're going with old fashioned cinema houses, there's probably some sort of grand staircase as well.

UDPATE: Detailed shots are now available here.

I'm just loving the colors here. The use of dark tan and dark red are a great combination. I'm a little shocked not to see a red carpet though. That seems like it would be a given for an old fashioned cinema.

An interesting note here is the use of the "Creator" theme and "Expert" tag, which I believe is a first for the modulars. This is part of a general rebranding being applied to some 2013 LEGO products, although it's pretty clear this is very much intended to be part of the modular line.

The set releases later this spring and should be an exclusive from for at least the first few months of its life. It doesn't look as large as the Town Hall, so hopefully that means the price will be coming back down to the $150 range.

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