Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Star Wars sets showing up in the US

Rancor not included :(
Some of you overseas AFOLs got a shot at these earlier this summer, but the wait is over for those of use here in the US. Online retailers started adding the summer Star Wars (and Friends too, apparenty) to their catalogs today for order.

All sets appear to be up now on Toys'r'us, WalMart and TRU has the usual insane markup on most of the sets, including a $30 price hike on Jabba's Palace. Amazon is usually my first choice, as you can easily get free shipping. You can usually get it from them it at RRP or below and many states pay no tax.

Honestly, I'm pretty much an OT only person, so the sets I'm interested in out of these are Jabba's Palace and the Desert Skiff. However, I have to admit that the Fury Class Interceptor is pretty freaking sweet. I just have no frame of reference for it, so I can't see myself wanting to drop $90 to pick it up.

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