Friday, July 6, 2012

Apparently it's Star Wars day...UCS B-Wing revealed

I must have missed the memo, but apparently today is some sort of Star Wars news event. First, summer sets started showing up with online, we're getting our first glimpses of the UCS B-Wing set. Check out the video posted by LEGO earlier today.

And here's the press release info, courtesy of Brickset and a bunch of other places:

10227 B-wing Starfighter™
Ages 16+.  1,486 pieces.
US $199.99   CA $249.99   DE 199.99€ UK 169.99£ DK 1699 DKK
Take on the Empire in the Ultimate Collector Series B-wing Starfighter!
Now you can experience the ultimate B-wing Starfighter from the Star Wars galaxy like never before. This fantastic model features everything you would expect from our premium collector range, including rotating, self-levelling cockpit and realistic wing configurations for landing and flight. And when you’re finished battling in the skies above Endor or helping to restore freedom in the galaxy, place this highly detailed B-wing Starfighter on its own dedicated display stand and fact plaque. Measures 26” (66 cm) wide and 15” (38 cm) high in flight configuration, and 17” (43 cm) high on display stand.
  • A highly detailed Ultimate Collector Series B-wing Starfighter model
  • Features rotating, self-levelling cockpit
  • Features realistic wing configurations for landing and flight
  • Includes display stand and fact plaque
  • Model can be detached from display stand
  • Measures 26” (66cm) wide and 15” (38cm) high in flight configuration, and 17” (43cm) high when mounted on display stand
No minifigs, despite being close to minifig scale, and about $0.13 per part. Not horrible, but not amazing in the value department. I'm pretty sure I'll wait until this hits non-TLC channels and goes on sale. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting this eventually though. Despite having very little presence in Return of the Jedi, the B-Wing has always been one of my favorite OT vehicles. I remember having the toy growing up and the swivel cockpit was a very awesome feature.

I think the designer has done a very good job at capturing the ship in brick form. The cockpit is probably the weakest spot, but rounded sections are never going to be easy to do in LEGO without some specialty molds being made.

So, my initial impression is it's a great looking set. $200 is by no means cheap, but I rarely expect UCS sets to set me back just a few pennies.

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