Sunday, April 22, 2012

Milwaukee (Wauwatosa) LEGO Store now open

LEGO Store in Mayfair Mall
The grand opening is still a couple of weeks away, but Wisconsin's first LEGO Store is now open at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa. The store had its "soft" opening this past Friday and is now chugging along as they work up to the grand opening the Weekend of May 11-13.

I will likely be heading over for the grand opening (possibly volunteering for the building event), but I could not wait until then. We drove over on Sunday and got to the mall about a half hour after it opened. The drive is just over an hour from our home and was fine until we got closer to Milwaukee. An accident and Brewers traffic slowed down the approach a little, but we still made decent time from Madison. Do note that there is ongoing construction along Mayfair Road. It's not too bad, but does mess up the traffic patterns a little.

2500 North Mayfair Road - Wauwatosa
The store is located on the second floor in the center of the mall, just outside the food court area. There's actually an elevator right outside the entrance to the store, which was a good thing when I needed to carry several bags back to the car.

The store is a bit on the smaller side. It does not run back very far, although it actually has a pretty wide storefront. Pick-A-Brick is located behind the registers and was full of mostly 2x4 bricks in a variety of colors. I did see some green plates and red 2x2 tiles, along with some plant parts. I did not fill a cup, but that was largely because I had other purchases on my agenda.

My feet!
The stock was about what you would expect. Ninjago as you enter on the right with Star Wars next to that. From right to left on the back wall are Harry Potter, smaller Creator sets, DUPLO, and then gear. Left wall from back to front was Friends, City and Super Heroes. Front wall was larger Creator sets, the Architecture series, the modular buildings, and the Kingdoms sets still around. Other themes were spread about a little.

Like many other stores I've heard about, it sounds like their excess inventory is stored in another location. So if you don't see something on the shelf, be sure to ask an employee. The do have a lot of inventory in store though. Boxes were stacked from floor to ceiling in most sections.

Speaking of the staff, the manager Nick was actively moving around on the floor welcoming the brisk amount of traffic coming in to browse. He was very friendly and enthusiastic when I identified myself as a WisLUG member. The rest of the employees all seemed pretty young, but they were all eager to help from what I could see. I'm pretty sure each of them asked me if I needed any help as I wandered through the store.

As for my haul, I went a little crazy. I picked up a Town Hall, Pet Shop, and some Star Wars/Super Heroes sets I had my eye on. It could have been much worse, trust me.

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