Friday, November 21, 2014

The LUGlife - Where have I been?

Part of WisLUG's group display at Brickworld Chicago, 2014.
I started this blog almost two years ago as an outlet to write a little about my love of LEGO, but it recently fell to the wayside for several months because life got a little too busy to keep up with it and other responsibilities popped up. I'm easing myself back into blogging because I actually did enjoy writing about my AFOL experiences and I'm hoping to get back to a regular schedule.

During my hiatus, I was actually MORE involved with LEGO than I was before I went away. As I wrote about previously, I took over the administration of my LUG (LEGO User Group) about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have been actively trying to build the membership and the activities offered by the group, which has actually taken up a huge chunk of my time.

Between maintaining a main site, Facebook page, and trying to coordinate public displays, it's actually a fairly busy task. It's all paying off though. The LUG now has a core group of over 20 members who are pretty active, with another two dozen or so who are semi-present for our meetings or other events. I can only imagine that is going to grow as time goes by, as long as we keep up with our current efforts.

While reviews and random musings are fun to write, I'm actually hoping to shift the focus of the blog a little more towards my experiences running a LUG. Sound off in the comments if that interests you at all.

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  1. Hi Andrew! Glad to see you back! I've let my blog slip a lot recently and every time I think about writing a post something else crops up and I never seem to have the time! I would be very interested hearing your LUG experiences as that is something I haven't (yet) got involved with.
    Kind regards, Brian.


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