Thursday, January 30, 2014

LEGO CUUSOO Fall 2013 review results are in

The LEGO CUUSOO project has released the results of the latest review period, and fans of a certain movie should be rejoicing about right now. That's a pretty obvious hint...but watch the video anyway.

There were obviously many amazing projects this time around, but I'm not complaining at all about the decision the CUUSOO team made.

Ghostbusters sticks out as one of my favorites 80s movies, second only to Back to the Future quite honestly. The fact that fans can own yet another iconic vehicle, along with minifigures of the main characters, is just amazing. Let's just hope that they stick to the original design a little more closely than they did with the DeLorean. While the set looks much better in real life than it does in pictures, there are still some weaknesses in the design that should have been addressed.

As for the projects that didn't make it, the female minifigure set is a very cool idea and I could easily see LEGO doing something like this as even a non-CUUSOO set. Poptropica makes no sense to me, although I'm sure there are kids who would have loved it. FTL is another one that looks nice and I can see why it made it to the review, but the audience is far too limited. I think the idea of an ATLAS model is great, but the micro-scale nature of the project fails to really do it justice.

The Road to Oz getting shot down is probably my biggest disappointment. The set was very well done for its size and the figures looked great. It would have been a pretty easy release to make and I think it would have been much more popular than LEGO likely anticipated. Still, as this MOC from Brickworld last year proves, you can still do some pretty impressive building without an official set being released.

As for the next round of sets, I'm going to give some predictions.

Sherlock, Japanese old style architecture, and UCS DeLorean are not going to happen. The concept on Sherlock is a little too vague and focused more on minifigures I think. The architecture set looks nice, but I almost feel like that would be better as a Master Builders Academy entry. The UCS DeLorean is just too big for CUUSOO and the likely price point would kill it. That's easily a $200 set.

The leaves the Legend of Zelda, Macross EF-1 Valkyrie, and The Adventure Time Project. All of these have merits and I think a good chunk of the decision will be tied to licensing issues. Zelda already got killed off once because Nintendo building toys were tied to another company. The Valkyrie project is very well done and is easily something I could see myself buying. I have no interest in Adventure Time at all, but I can see the appeal. That's going to be another one that comes down to the license, I have a feeling.

If I had to pick a likely winner, it's probably going to be Adventure Time. That's mainly because Nintendo hates making money. Otherwise, Zelda would be the easy winner for this round.

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