Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 LEGO Star Wars, Super Heroes, and TMNT sets on sale!

Just in case you need that last minute Christmas gift, it appears several retailers are starting to sell the early 2013 waves of LEGO sets. Multiple new sets are now available on Amazon and have been reported in local stores, although I have not been lucky enough to see anything but Hobbit sets so far.

The Super Heroes sets include the Arctic Batman and Mr. Freeze and Spider-Cycle Chase (with Venom and Nick Fury). Sadly, it does not appear Arkham Asylum, The Bat, or Daily Bugle showdown are available to order yet. Both of the sets up right now are only $19.99, which is pretty awesome.

On the Star Wars side of things, Clone Troopers vs Droidekas, Republic vs Sith Troopers, AT-RT, and the Rancor Pit. No sign of the A-Wing or Z-95 Headhunter yet, but the A-Wing did show up on ebay retail may not be far behind.

I will note that the Rancor Pit is 380 pieces for a whopping $59.99. I know fans have craved a rancor for years, but that's a pretty steep price jump for such a desired piece. I imagine most people will be waiting a bit for a sale on this one, unless you just have to have it now. I still need to get Jabba's Palace, so I'm not in a rush.

They showed up a few days ago, but it's worth noting most of the TMNT sets are also up on Amazon. Kraang Lab Escape, Shredder Dragon Bike, Stealth Shell in Pursuit, and The Shellraiser are all there. The Turtle Lair Attack and Baxter Robot Rampage are not up yet.

So, see anything you like and have to get right away? Or are you going to be like me and wait for some sales?

UPDATE: It appears all or most sets are now available for at least preorder. Links have been added.

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