Friday, August 3, 2012

LEGO Lord of the Rings pre-order bonuses

UPDATE: Elrond has been confirmed for US pre-orders at Game Stop.

UPDATE 2: Some shady things are afoot.

Information is starting to come out about the bonuses for the upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings game, due out later this fall.

The first tidbit comes from the pre-order page at, which apparently indicates that a Elrond minifigure will be packaged with the collector's edition version of the game. A photo of the fig has been circulating on various forums and blogs. That's pretty sweet and a great reason to pick up the game. I only have a few of the LotR sets so far, but I do plan on getting most of the line eventually. I'm sure these bonus figs will make a great addition to that collection.

This is clearly an Elrond geared up for war, not the version seen later in Rivendell. I wonder if this means we will get a set based on the defeat of Sauron by Isildur, when he cuts the one ring from his hand. This figure seems to fit that scene in the movies more than the Rivendell period. The current sets and the game seem to mirror the movies much more than the books, so I'm taking my visual cues from those.

One thing I will note, the US Amazon site mentions nothing about a collector's edition of the game being available. Pre-orders are only up right now for the standard edition of the game. I'm hoping the special edition is not a European exclusive or something.

The other rumor that's been floating around is that there will again be a GameStop/EBgames exclusive figure when you pre-order, similar to the Lex Luthor that came with Batman 2. While I have yet to see a photo, there are claims that it will be a Gandalf the White figure this time around. I'm anxiously awaiting confirmation on this one still. It would be great if we have the chance to pick up two great figures with the release of the game in October.  **This has obviously been confirmed as just a rumor. Still no word on our Gandalf the White**

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