Thursday, May 10, 2012

Milwaukee LEGO store grand opening is here!

The big weekend has finally arrived and it's time for the Grand Opening celebration at Wisconsin's first LEGO Store! It's sure to be an action packed weekend for those able to attend and there are plenty of awesome gifts for those brave enough to wait in line and make a $35 purchase. Finding that much LEGO to buy is obviously not that difficult. It's the waiting in line that has me more concerned.

The giveaway schedule is a free t-shirt on Friday, the LEGO Store mini model on Saturday, and then the store-specific minifigure set on Sunday. Also note that Sunday is Mother's Day and you should be able to build a mini tulip in the store to celebrate. I'm not 100 percent certain that is available in every location though and they may not do it here because of the other events, but it is on the store calendar I picked up when I was there last month.

Personally, I'm going to the store on Saturday. The mini store model is way too appealing to pass up. The plan right now is to ride over with family and get in line early. Hopefully we can entertain the kids for what is sure to be a semi-long wait. I know I'll be grabbing my target purchase as soon as I get in though, since I have heard horror stories of people waiting in long lines and the models running out within a few hours.

If you have not been to this mall before, it's actually located in Wauwatosa. The LEGO Store is on the second level of the mall near the center concourse, just around the corner from the food court. I'm not sure what direction they will be sending the line, but I imagine it will be angled towards the food court area because there's more open space available. Either way, I would expect lines through the first half of the day.

Just what I will be buying to hit $35 is unclear right now. I have $10 in VIP points saved up and I really want the giant Hulk fig in the Helicarrier Escape set, so that may end up being my first pick to go with. If that's sold out, I still need to pick up both of the small motorcycle sets in the Super Heroes line. I just know that I need to keep my spending under control. I've bought way more bricks over the past month than is probably advisable. I also still need to make one more purchase before this month is over to get my Hulk minifigure.

The only saving grace I have right now is my lack of interest in the addiction that is collecting Star Wars my TC-14s are up on ebay right now. It's probably unwise to cash out while there's a glut of them up for sale, but my whole justification for orders over the May the Fourth promotion was that I could recoup some of the cost by unloading those chrome beauties.

If you're headed out to the store this weekend, have fun! Be patient and enjoy the celebration. Hopefully it will not be the only one Wisconsin gets to experience.


  1. Good luck this weekend! Hope you do manage to get store model - it's very nice.

    1. It now appears I am volunteering to help with the large model build on Saturday morning. I think that guarantees I get a chance to pick up the set.

      It also means I get a second round to use a discount. So much for staying under budget this month. :)


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