Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LEGO Hulk now available!

In case you haven't seen it floating around just about everywhere, LEGO is offering a free Incredible Hulk minifigure with $50 purchase. The promotion starts today and runs through the end of the month.

I will be getting at least one. I don't think I can pass up exclusive figs from this line. However, unlike the May the 4th promotion, LEGO is currently not offering free shipping. In the US that adds at least $4.95 to the cost of the order, but it will mostly like be closer to the $8 range because of the weight.

As for what to pair up to obtain your minifgure, I can't speak highly enough about the $20 Super Heroes sets that are out there right now. All three of them are absolutely great little sets that have awesome minifigures, along with great colors and parts. If not those, I also recommend the Dynamic Duo Funhouse. Great figs and it also has decent value parted out, if that's more your thing.

Reports are out there though that LEGO stores have a ton of these on hand. I imagine the weeks ahead will see a flood of them on ebay. So, if you don't have $60 to spare right now, fear not. Chances are good there will be plenty of oppotunity to still get one. There's also the chance LEGO will offer free shipping at some point during the promo.


  1. I made my order earlier today. I got the Quinjet and shipping was about nine dollars. I'll be putting a review of it up on BrickEnd (

  2. I picked up another Funhouse and the Captain America set. Still didn't have that one for some reason. I have a Quinjet sitting in the "to build" pile right now, so I'll look forward to the review.


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