Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally...a Spidey set!

We knew Spider-Man was coming, since the three Marvel figs were included in the catalogs that came with The Avengers sets. We just didn't know how big of a set would be required to get them. Thanks to Mr. Toys in Australia, we finally know what to expect when this hits retail shelves. Presumably it will come out later this summer, probably near the release of the Spider-Man movie.

However, this set is not tied to the movie at all. Apparently Mega Blechs has the license, based on some photos I believe I saw over on Brickset. LEGO only picked up the rights to make sets based on the cartoon series. Based on the pics in the comics that come with the Super Heroes sets, I think the Spidey and Iron Fist figures look good. Not sure how I feel about Doc Ock though. I kind of like the older figures better that came with Hollywood line of sets. I always felt the movie version of the Doc captured the character pretty much as he appeared in the comic...minus the green body suit.

The AU price they have listed is $99.99, but I know Aussies pay insane prices for LEGO. The set looks pretty similar in size to the Helicarrier or the Dynamic Duo Funhouse, so I'm guessing we'll probably see this in the US at more of a $40-50 price point. At $40, I'd have no problem picking this up...and maybe tucking one or two away for later. I'd love it if it came in at $35, like the Battle over Gotham set.

First orders of parts. Plus a random henchman for the Joker.
Cafe Corner update: I am down to a two page want list on BrickLink and all of about seven parts I can't order from Pick-A-Brick. Everything else is currently on its way to me right now. The first round of parcels showed up today, so I'll be spending this evening verifying and then sorting those. Hopefully I can get the rest of it ordered and headed my way by this weekend.

I have made another concession in my build. The 1x4x5 light bley door with trans clear glass is just too stupid expensive for a single element. I can't justify spending that much on a piece that is going to end up near the back wall of my current display. I've replaced the piece with an identical style of door that has a black frame instead. It cost me less than a dollar. After looking at the $30+ going rate for the correct door, I think I'll be able to live with that decision.

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